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  • The SPICE project is a successful example of how teachers from across Europe can work and learn from each other.
  • The positive feedback received proves the need for collaborative projects that allow teachers to exchange good practices and are an important opportunity for professional development, encouraging teachers to reflect on their own practice.
  • The importance of assessment methods in IBSME should be stressed and more collaborative efforts are needed.

The partners and teachers that participated in the project will furthermore continue to disseminate the results of the project via conferences, presentations, teacher training, etc.


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On behalf of the whole SPICE consortium, we wish to thank the following teachers and experts for their enthusiastic and professional participation and their invaluable friendship: Magda Kirsch, Yves Beernaert, Kim Adler, Daniel Aguirre, Sonja Artac, Bento Baptista, Monika Bartova, Anja Buntrock, Carlos Cachado, Zuzana Christozova, Nadia Circu, Carlos Cunha, Ivan De Winne, Maria Guida, Ausra Gutauskaite, Alena Hrabovska, Beata Jarosievitz, Martina Kupilikova, Tina Michetti, Hermann Morgenbesser, Vaclav Piskac, Thomas Roche, Pavla Sadecka, Elvira Santos, Eva Seidlova, Irena Skolilova, Emilia Vasconcelo, Malgorzata Zajaczkowska, Pascal Craeye, Dominic McEvoy, Josue Herrero, Agustin Muñoz, Katarina Nemcikova, Mojca Orel, Paula Serra, Monika Reti, Axel Zahlut, Lauri Vihma, Jolanta Dzikaviciute, Jan Sipos and Gabriela Streinu-Cercel

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Àgueda Gras-Velázquez

(Project manager) agueda.gras[at]eun.org

Eloise Gérard

(Project administrator) eloise.gerard[at]eun.org

Barbara Schwarzenbacher

(Pedagogical adviser) barbara.schwarzenbacher[at]eun.org

Valeria Manna

(Webmaster) valeria.manna[at]eun.org

Direcção Geral de Inovação e Desenvolvimento Curricular


Rute Baptista

Dum Zahranicnich Sluzeb MSMT

Czech Republic

Barbora Grečnerová


(External Evaluation)


Magda Kirsch

Yves Beernaert


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