Constructing triangles with Geogebra Constructing triangles with Geogebra

Author: Hermann Morgenbesser


Implemented in: Portugal, Czech Republic and France

The aim is to teach students how to construct triangles by using the computer program GeoGebra. Students have to work in groups, and each group has to choose one flag that contains a triangle, which they have to reconstruct using GeoGebra. After that, the groups have to prepare a short presentation to show how they chose to solve the task. These presentations are aimed at starting a discussion among the students about the different possibilities of constructing triangles with GeoGebra. It is important that the students can reproduce their construction in front of the class and that they can discuss their solutions.

Success stories

For some of the teachers who implemented this GP the program GeoGebra was new, which meant that they had to familiarize themselves with it before the implementation. Other teachers already knew GeoGebra and had the opportunity to get to know it better through this GP. The teachers who had never worked with GeoGebra in class needed more preparation time with the students, as they had to take time to show the program to them. Once the students started creating the flags themselves, they were motivated to be able to construct a mathematical figure in the shape of an object that they know from everyday life. The teachers reported that they will continue using this GP and they will use the program GeoGebra for more mathematics lessons, as they noticed that the students enjoyed constructing mathematical figures on the computer.

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