Diffusion Diffusion

Author: Zuzana Christozova


Implemented in: Czech Republic, Romania, Spain and Hungary

Its objective is to make a visualization of the real experiment of diffusion and to explain its principle and process, as well as to teach the students to work with digital sound, digital camera and creating movies. The concept of diffusion is first shown to the students with an experiment made by mixing water with liquid KMnO4 which changes the colour of the water. During this process the students have to use a camera to take photos and videos in order to create a short movie that they will use in presentations explaining the process of diffusion.

Success stories

The Czech Republic teacher said “the GP on Diffusion was what both my pupils and I enjoyed the most. Children loved the work with the camera and the subsequent editing of the video, and also creating the presentations. I got carried away a little bit with the enthusiasm of my pupils and as a result we gave more time to this GP than planned. It was definitely not a waste of time because in the presentation the pupils showed only the process of diffusion but also the variations of its speed under different conditions”. According to a Spanish teacher, this GP is good because it is simple but it helps the students to relate Science with Technology. The GP combines features that are present in the daily life of a scientist, as it asks the students to make experiments, do calculations, interpret results, take notes by taking photos and creating a multimedia presentation, and finally communicate the results to their fellow students.

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