Welcome to the Spice website! Welcome to the Spice website!

The Spice website is aimed at teachers, pupils, scientists, science communicators and science educators.

Here you can find all the information about the Spice project, and teaching materials and publications.

The teachers who were involved in the SPICE project and who carried out the implementations of the Good Practices in their schools in 15 different EU countries have shared their impressions, results and highlights of their gained experience on this website. Additionally, Communities of Practice make it possible for registered members of Scientix to discuss educational topics and their teaching experience.

Results and pictures of the SPICE Summer Academy, which took place from 26 - 28 August in Prague, can be found on the website as well. The SPICE Moodle platform is open for any visitors of this website and thus allows everyone who has an Open ID login (which can be obtained by registering to Scientix) to access teaching materials, detailed information and instructions on all the 24 Good Practices.

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Need a guided tour? Need a guided tour?

spice logoAbout: Find out about the project via the about which will take you to the materials developed by the teachers, the results of the evaluation and the policy initiatives carried out in different countries.

Who is who: Check out who participated in the project: coordinators and teachers - check out who they are, the materials they created, the lessons learnt and their public profiles.nobody

spice brochurePublications: Download all materials, including the practices and the Spice publications. Use them in your class or learn about the results! Some are also available via Scientix where you can ask for their translation into your own language!

Moodle: Go follow the Spice moodle courses on the practices. Drop the teachers a note asking for help!moodle

The academy participants

Summer Academy: See where, when and who attended the Spice summer academy and download all the presentations.

Communities: Last but not least, participate in the Communities of Practice - see the latest entries and give your opinion! As they are hosted in Scientix they will remain open!