Human body - general properties Human body - general properties

Author: Sonja Artac


Implemented in: Portugal, Lithuania, Austria and Czech Republic

This GP was created for students aged 15-16 and aims at teaching the key facts of human anatomy and physiology. Students have to work in groups and find out about typical human body characteristics by performing simple measurements, experiments and observations. Topics such as the human organs, the locomotor system, the senses, the nerve system, the digestive tract, the blood and heart, the immune system, respiration, reproductive system and homeostasis are investigated by the different groups. The conclusions have to be presented in form of a poster and presentation to the rest of the class, so that everyone will learn from the research of the other groups.

Success stories

This GP is based on a topic that is present in all national curricula. As a Portuguese teacher mentioned, “these contents are usually taught with the use of partial exposure or some movies, but the fact that the GP suggested laboratory activities as well as group research work, allowed the students to understand the contents more easily and in a more participatory way”. For the other two implementers this GP was a success, but as they had to teach it in classes with younger students, it was not easy for the students to understand all the concepts as quickly as intended in the GP; so the implementation took slightly longer, but the students were motivated in their work.

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