Light spectrum - Colour Light spectrum - Colour

Author: Rigonda Skorulskienė, Ausra Gutauskaite


Implemented in: Czech Republic, Portugal and Slovakia

The aim of this GP is to teach students in English the spectral composition of light and object colours by using ICT to search for information, make hypotheses, process research, experiment, observe and analyse. It is important for the implementation of this GP that the classroom is equipped with about 15 computers so that the students can be divided into 2 groups. One group of students is asked to work on the computers to do practical work such as virtual experiments and simulations, while the second group works with exercise sheets to cover the more theoretical tasks. After a while the two groups change places and work on the field that they have not covered yet. The role of the teacher throughout this GP is that of a facilitator: students have to work by themselves with the guidance of the teacher.

Success stories

The teachers who implemented this GP gave good feedback on it, saying that the materials and worksheets were well prepared and clear for the students, which allowed them to achieve their objective. This was motivating for the students, as well as the combination of different exercises: computer-based exercises, paper-based exercises and communication among the students.

Materials Materials

The practice

Light Spectrum Colour

The Moodle course

Light spectrum Colour Moodle