What are the uses of natural resources? What are the uses of natural resources?

Author: Bento Baptista


Implemented in: Finland, Austria and Czech Republic

The aim of this GP is to teach students the characteristics and uses of natural resources, such as gold, trees, cotton, carbon, etc. The students are confronted with various objects, such as clothes, pens, tools and paper, and they have to find out which natural resources have been used to create them. After that, the students have to do some research on the Internet to find out the characteristics and uses of the resources and create an identity card for each natural resource. These identity cards will finally be used for an exhibition that the students will organise themselves by bringing samples of the natural resources and products that have been created.

Success stories

Teachers who implemented this GP mentioned that what they liked most about it was that the students would have to prepare an exhibition themselves with material and artefacts that they bring and research that they do. A Finnish teacher mentioned that the fact that the students had to organise an exhibition themselves which they would make available for the whole school to visit would be a team-building experience for the students and it would motivate them to do proper research in order to create something interesting and good, which would make them proud in front of their whole school. The teacher herself was proud to see that her “students created a 12m long exhibition gallery, that can be expanded and filled with additional materials every year by new students”. She also mentioned that it was great to see that other students could learn from the exhibition and could therefore learn from their fellow students.

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