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Policy initiatives: Efforts to Increase Students’ Interest in Pursuing STEM Studies and Careers

An improvement of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education is a major contribution to fostering a dynamic and innovative knowledge-based economy (Lisbon process). Within the SPICE framework, EUN undertook a comparative analysis of the main recent STEM initiatives, policy actions and reforms in member countries.

National initiatives include the development of effective and attractive STEM curricula and teaching methods, and improved teacher education and professional development. Also, setting up dedicated national or regional centres to improve the quality of STEM teaching and enhance its popularity among young students.

A holistic approach covers the lifelong learning span, and involves public- private partnerships between the government, educational sector and industry.

Overlapping objectives in the measures put in place to meet the STEM challenges facing education systems:

spice policy initiatives objectives

National STEM priorities:

MoE priorities

STEM report


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