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The GPs chosen for this phase of the SPICE project are shown here organized by subject area, as defined by the author of the GP. The names of the authors of the GPs are also provided, but it is important to note that the term “author” is used in a broad sense, as in some cases the teachers were not really the authors of the GP but adapted known practices from their countries for the SPICE project.

Comparing Leaves Annunziata MichettiBE (FR)[pdf]
What are the uses of natural resources? Bento BaptistaPT[pdf]
Energy consumption - What can we do?Carlos CachadoPT[pdf]
Make stringy DNA molecules visible Irena SkolilovaCZ[pdf]
Human body, general properties Sonja ArtacSI[pdf]
Digital mapping study of a school environment Thomas RocheIE[pdf]
The position of the image Vaclav PiskacCZ[pdf]
Magnetic properties of materialsPavla SadeckaCZ[pdf]
DiffusionZuzana ChristozovaSK[pdf]
Study of inclined plane efficiencyNadia CircuRO[pdf]
Light spectrum – ColourAusra GutauskaiteLT[pdf]
Simulations in physics classDaniel AguirreES[pdf]
Electric motorsBeata JarosievitzHU[pdf]
AstronomyEmilia VasconcelosPT[pdf]
Biocatalyzers Monika BartovaCZ[pdf]
Science in the kitchen lab and in the language labMalgorzata ZajaczkowskaPL[pdf]
Reaction velocityCarlos CunhaPT[pdf]
Golden coinsAnja BuntrockFI[pdf]
Maths Show Kim AdlerFR[pdf]
Constructing triangles with GeoGebraHermann MorgenbesserAT[pdf]
Didactic game in maths lessonsEva SeidlovaCZ[pdf]
Dudeney’s haberdasher puzzleIvan De WinneBE (NL)[pdf]
More and more trianglesElvira SantosPT[pdf]
Earth’s radius (Eratosthenes’ method) using GeoGebraMaria GuidaIT[pdf]
Publications Publications

spice brochure cover

Spice (2011) Spice project summary brochure Nov. 2011

STEM report

Kearney, C. (2011), “Efforts to Increase Students’ Interest in Pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Studies and Careers: National Measures taken by 21 of European Schoolnet’s Member Countries – 2011 Report” ed. Wastiau, P., Gras-Velázquez, À., Grečnerová B., & Baptista, R., Nov. 2011

Spice final report

Schwarzenbacher, B., Gras- Velázquez, À., Grečnerová, B., Gérard E. & Paiva A. (2011) “Spice: Spicing up Science and Maths classes by exchanging practices with teachers from other countries” ed. Gras-Velázquez, À., Nov. 2011

spice summer school programme"SPICE-summer-academy-Programme_final.pdf", Prague, Aug. 2011
MST v1Kearney, C. (2010), "Efforts to Increase Students’ Interest in Pursuing Mathematics, Science and Technology Studies and Careers.pdf", ed. Wastiau, P., Gras-Velázquez, A., Paiva, A., and  Grečnerová B., Nov. 2010

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