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Spice Summer School and CoP

The aims, methodology and results of the SPICE project were disseminated at a two-day SPICE Summer Academy in Prague (August 2011).

The academy targeted STEM teachers for 11-15 year-old students. 153 teachers, researchers, policy-makers and other stakeholders from 23 countries discussed the current challenges for science education.

Teachers and educators shared new methodologies and took back home innovative approaches.

The workshops dealt with various ICT tools that teachers can use in their classes, such as games in chemistry and physics, Geogebra, or other inquiry- based learning activities.

The programme included presentations from various EU funded projects on STEM education (DG Education and Culture, DG Research and Innovation) as well as presentations of Czech national projects and initiatives.

Discussions ranged from pedagogy, educational technologies, learning resources, to interactions between policy, science and society.

It followed from talks, presentations and hands-on activities that to fully exploit the concept of inquiry based learning, teachers have to be properly trained. They must combine excellent subject knowledge with innovative pedagogical and assessment skills.

summer school programme


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